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Technical Due Diligence Opportunity Discovery User Centered Design Product Realization Support
Systematic innovation is a proven, result-driven process for creating new products and services that delight users. We can customize any blend of due opportunity discovery, user centered design, and product realization support to meet your needs.
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Technical Due Diligence

Essential assessment services that avoid costly mistakes
"A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
  • Product utility and competitive landscape
  • Technical feasibility, scalability, and performance
  • Product usability and customer satisfaction

Opportunity Discovery

A systematic technique to explore opportunities
  • Identify and create market opportunities
  • Leverage emerging social, market, and technological trends
  • Forge organizational consensus around new opportunities

User Centered Design

A reliable design process that yields products and services that are easy to use and crafted to fit into people's lives
  • Efficient methods for focused design, rapid prototyping, and technical feasibility testing
  • In depth interviews, group facilitation, and usability testing (large and small scale)
  • Finalizing design specifications based on results of prototyping and testing
Product Realization Support
Where the rubber meets the road
  • Transitioning prototypes into final products
  • Market studies with existing or potential customers
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